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Axel Seibert

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Who am I?

Axel Seibert
PGP public key
pgp fingerprint: 9AAB CEBC CB6C 7C20 BEBC 4B88 3E2E A5CA 57F4 D70B

What I find interesting...

our three kids (in German)...
are the dominant factor in my life...
my own company, specializing in agile methods and software tools around the BMC ARSystem and their Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
If you still don't know who the Globonauts are, who has been chosen to be a member of the Globonauts' club, a description of the brave globonauts etc., you will find all information at this website.
my CV
contains a link to my CV and a management potential analysis
Annotated Link Lists
I'm currently documenting my Bookmarks to give you an annotated and useful list about the topics I'm mostly interested in, i.e.
a couple of good books
books I liked (some of them in German)...

campaigns I support

Open Directory Project at Netz gegen Kinderporno Distributed Computing The Hunger Site

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